Dear students, welcome to the summer school on "Current Trends in Business." I´m very excited to be part of the teaching team. It is important to understand that businesses are facing unique changes, and following and understanding the current trends is a crucial skill nowadays.

To help you understand how businesses are adapting to these trends, we have designed for our summer school a life case study approach centered around a start-up Nucleo. Nucleo is an online workplace and networking environment for the Life Sciences Industry that aims to become a true and dedicated networking environment for the life sciences industry. It will serve us as an demonstrative example as well as a connection to the real business challenges.

Each of you will be assigned in a team and work on the case study that will be connected to the lectures=inputs, under supervision of coaches. You will be required to analyze Nucleo's external environmental factors, conduct a competitor analysis, evaluate its current business model, identify the target customer base, and evaluate the digital marketing strategy. Additionally, you will explore cultural issues that may affect Nucleo's operations in different countries.

By taking a life case study approach, we hope to provide you with a practical understanding of how businesses are adapting to current trends and the skills required to do so successfully. We believe that this approach will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing business landscape.

On a behalf of teaching and organizational team,

Jana Pitrová